Technology Management Consulting

  • Business Process Transformation
  • SAP End to End Project Implementations
  • Cost structure optimization
  • Technology & Business Assessments
  • Technology Strategic Planning & Development
  • CIO services
  • Cloud computing and Outsourcing services

LeadStrong’s Maturity Assessment provides an objective look at the state of your portfolio management processes. LeadStrong’s 'methodology addresses common questions, such as:

  • How can we improve our Program/Project Management?
  • How can we ensure IT delivery is in alignment with business goals?
  • How can we address process gaps?
  • How can we manage change and increase adoption of our solutions
  • What tools do industry leaders use for managing IT service delivery?

LeadStrong provides comprehensive assessment to baseline current state of an IT organization and makes actionable recommendations to achieve excellence in program/ project management. Our process takes a holistic view of your project management culture. LeadStrongs methodology is based on many industry leading frameworks such as COBIT, IT-CMF customized to your specific industry and needs

Technology Systems and Support

Offerings Overview

Innovations in business model and processes need state of the art technology to support them. Technology is often the differentiator between you and your competition. We understand business and enable it with right technology to derive most value out of your investments

Fundamental issues and benefits we realize with our clients

  • Out dated systems, lack of understanding on innovation in Technology
  • Overly complex systems with limited utilization
  • Silo systems and lack of integration to support end to end processes
  • Lack of visibility to total cost of ownership and benefits from current systems
  • Reduction Complexity and Total cost of ownership
  • Homogeneous end to end systems
  • Better alignment with business needs
  • Flexible systems that enable efficient operations
  • Governance and change management

Offering Components

Advisory, partnership

  • Complexity Reduction and Application retirement
  • Systems audit to ensure business alignment

Program Management

  • Strategic implementation of key systems capabilities such as end to end SAP & other ERP solutions to address business needs
  • Better sourcing models to reduce total cost of ownerships

Example Case Study

A brief case study from LeadStrong’s consulting engagement

Client: A CPG manufacturer

Situation: Client didn’t have a very good program portfolio planning and prioritization process. There was no linkage among various corporate functional groups such as Strategic planning, S&OP planning, IT Strategy, Enterprise Architecture and Finance. Alignment between IT & Business was an issue. Furthermore, there were no models/methods to gauge the delivery success of selected portfolios because of lack of analytics on the capacity of both labor and non labor resource needs. As a result variability in finance/program budgets would swing sometimes more than 100% creating numerous business issues

Resolution: As a delivery director, I was able to quickly ramp up on the issues and developed a framework based on IT-CFM ( IT Capability Maturity Model) to establish processes to solve the alignment issue. New initiatives were categorized into high level capabilities that the organization needed to achieve the future state per corporate strategic plans. To aid decision making process benefits for each initiative were quantified based on a series of both financial and non financial metrics. Position papers were required before considering any initiative during the annual planning process. In house capacity model based on historical track record was established to understand capacity constraints. Stronger governance, stage gate and change control were brought under one umbrella to streamline the process. Financial discipline in terms of capital and expense spend was implemented using various tools such as SAP, Microsoft project server and clarity. Overall resulting in a much improved process that drove credibility, accountability for all stakeholders involved and a better business alignment to achieve larger business targets.