Management Consulting and Services

LeadStrong works with its clients in analyzing various management challenges and presents its clients solutions using the fact based external perspective and package it in a compelling way to persuade senior level management to take actions to address these challenges. We work together with our clients as partners to bring clear thinking to address on key strategic issues. We differentiate ourselves from our completion in that we provide solutions based on key insights, which produce measurable results, derived from powerful sourced data analyzed by qualified people with deep insights in the industry. Our services at a glance:

  • Strategic Planning and Business Development
  • Financial planning and analysis
  • Mergers and Acquisition services
  • Cost optimization
  • Profit maximization
  • Organizational and operational structure
  • Project planning, management and testing

Business Transformation

Offerings Overview

Business Transformation (BT) is about enabling companies ability to be fit to fight in the current competitive environment. LeadStrong can help clients identify and address both external and internal challenges along with strong change management initiatives to transform the client company into an industry leader

Fundamental issues and benefits we realize with our clients

  • Insufficient knowledge and understanding of capabilities and KPIs needed by business to succeed
  • Operations in silos, lack of integration among various initiatives
  • Lack of business alignment, duplication of efforts and non value
  • Lack of transparency, ownership or targets
  • Not keeping in pace with rest of the industry or market demands
  • Fact based case of change, value rationalization
  • Transformed end state, better asset utilization
  • Better alignment with industry standards, capabilities & market needs
  • Benefits to bottom line profitability and growth

Offering Components

Detailed Business Case Formulation

  • Engage with senior level leadership, client partners in establishing a model for transformation
  • Take a shareholder perspective in comparing the company to its peers, historical performance

Program Management

  • Indentify and address current pain points, needed benefits, capabilities and KPIs
  • Benchmark against industry standards
  • Manage program from its inception to completion by diverse group of stake holders

Strategy and Operations

Service Offering


Growth Strategy

Assessment of current capabilities and constraints, external environment including high level global markets

ABC Profitability Analytics

ABC profitability analysis helps organizations decipher  accurate costs of products. It also helps in developing a very focused cost improvement programs across organizations

Shared Services Development

Identify redundancies in functions like, procurement, engineering, service voice support, IT at multiple locations for global organizations. Leverage economies of scale, scope, comparative advantage

Spend Analytics

Spend analytics highlights opportunities for volume consolidation across divisions,vendors, customers.

Value Architecture

Offering Overview

Game changing sales program that improves pipeline, differentiates firms, enables sole sourcing by leveraging financial modeling and competitive benchmarking; Initial opportunity validation and business case formulation to support all Opportunity Identification activity

Fundamental issues and benefits we realize with our clients

  • Different sales processes across geographies
  • Difficult to leverage and share best practices
  • Distributor sales channel has created lack of visibility to end customers
  • Many processes are manual today and create silos of information
  • Lack of integrated shared technology platform across all business units
  • Better visibility of all operations globally
  • Better Asset Utilization
  • Overcoming economic downturn pressures
  • Increased profitable growth

Offering Components

Initial Opportunity Validation Discussion Briefing

  • Using financial peer group comparisons, broadly describes and quantifies the value as a first step toward refining the analysis with additional client data and/or direction from an existing business case
  • Takes a shareholder perspective in comparing the company to its peers, historical performance

Detailed Business Case Formulation

  • Augments previous financial analysis, with ERP and non-ERP benchmarks to understand gaps in process-level performance
  • Applies ‘median benefits’ to quantify benefits ERP can deliver in the specific client scenario (e.g., $20M inventory reduction)